Monday, 2 July 2012

Michael Crossland

Michael Crossland is a guy who's been through a lot and now he's helping others do the same.

I read an article featuring him in my local paper and was inspired to post about him.  After reading his own personal challenges on his website and what he is now doing to help others, in particular children, I think he deserves all the coverage he can get from anywhere he can get it!

As a young baby, around 11 months old, he was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer of the central nervous system called Neuroblastoma and survival was very unlikely.  Beating all the odds he is still around today at 27, dealing with a sensitive immune system, one lung and a damaged heart, permanent scars of his traumatic childhood illness.

After going through all that some people would only wish to live a normal life but Michael has chosen to give his life to others.  He is now an inspirational speaker and travels around Australia inciting positive change in other people's lives through his courage.  He also gives generously of his time to charity such as recently travelling to Haiti in January 2012 for two weeks helping to build a school for a group of orphans.  He plans to return to Haiti later in the year to continue helping people there. 

I want to wish Michael all the luck possible with his upcoming trip to Haiti and I will be keeping up with his adventures on his website, he can also be found on Facebook.

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