Sunday, 29 July 2012

Challenge Update: Day 7

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It was a lot harder this week than I was anticipating after pumping myself up to concentrate more on succeeding at this challenge.  I am learning things about myself though, which is always what you want with any challenge so instead of confessions I will tell you what I have learnt:

  1. It's almost like my skin is itchy when 3pm-ish comes around and I cannot have anything sugary
  2. I immediately want sugar when I have to deal with something hard or I am upset about something (did someone say "emotional eater!")
  3. I am shocked at the amount of sugar in a lot of things that I wouldn't consider to be sweet foods and all those low-fat food items I need to stay away from as they have a higher sugar content!
  4. I definitely think about sugar way more than I normally do now that it is not available to me.  It's a struggle every day to get through without any sugary foods
I am proud to say I have been very good this week and have lost that pesky kilo again (see my starting weight here) so at least that's one bonus I can easily gain satisfaction from at the very early stages of this challenge.

Is anyone else doing a challenge like this or have done one in the past?  I'd love to hear about it or about any coping techniques you've used to get you through?

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend.

E x

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