Friday, 20 July 2012

High Five for Friday!

This is a Friday post that I am following from a great blog by Lauren called From My Grey Desk Blog at (the blogger app won't let me put links in).

As I have been in Perth this week I've had the chance to do a few more things that I wouldn't normally be doing so here is my high five for Friday!

1. Being in Perth
2. Getting to hang out at Dome with great coffee
3. Enjoying some beautiful and quite different scenery from my small coastal town
4. Seeing friends I don't normally get to hang out with in person
5. Finding some great bargains

Whilst I love visiting Perth I also love coming back home again to my family and my beach.

That's my high five! Hope you had a great week too.

E x


  1. New follower - hope to get a follow back!
    Beautiful pics!

  2. great photos! good coffee always makes my day better :)

    found you in h54f! i hope you can check out my blog too.

    jen @

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jen! I've checked your blog out too and I'm a new follower.

      E x