Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Today's post is all about the bargains I picked up in Perth. There's quite a few cheap clothing stores mixed in with the upper market stores in the Hay St and Murray St malls (parallel to each other) so there's a great range of shopping for everyone.

I picked up a few bargains myself. The shirts below were $9.95 each from Chickabooti and since I wear my jeans everywhere these shirts were perfect. I love a 3/4 sleeve and stripes and it was nice to be able to inject a little colour into my wardrobe.

The scarf is my favourite and was $29.95 from Sussans. Whilst I don't consider this a bargain I just love it so much I had to have it. I wear a lot of grey cardigans, sweaters and shirts so this has the right amount of yellow to pop against the greys. I also love the snow leopard print so it's doubly worth it for me.

E x

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