Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Etsy Crush: Single Stone Studios

I have been a little slack on the blogging front recently (my apologies) but I have been living life and having a great break from technology, even my phone.  The downside is I now have a hell of a lot of people to call back!

My Etsy Crush this week is a store called Single Stone Studios.  What caught my eye while cruising Etsy's Homewares was this wall decal quote by Robert Frost:

If any of you have read my previous post on Robert Frost's poem Fire and Ice you had better believe the above quote is from the end of one of my other favourite Robert Frost poems "The Road Not Taken".  Whenever I'm at a crossroads (metaphorically... but sometimes physically) or just looking back on the choices I have made in the last few years, I always think of this poem and these last lines in particular.

Wall decals have become very popular lately, but I still enjoy trying to find some new and unusual ones that may fit in my home.  Check out some of my favourites below and let me know what you think.


E x


  1. The Robert Frost quote has been my favorite since I was 11 :-)

  2. I love the last one! Perfect for a nursery :)