Sunday, 12 August 2012

Challenge Update: Day 21

Sooooo..... Day 21 today and I am bringing you my challenge update!

I give up...

Well, it's not that I'm giving up exactly but rather realising when I just can't go any further.  It's been an extremely interesting challenge trying to live evey day without consuming a hell of a lot of sugar but it's also been a very bleak few weeks and let's face it... it was rather like taking the colour out of life.  Life seemed just that little bit grey, dull and boring compared to the little bit of rainbow sugar I let through a window like sunshine every day!

In the end I just wasn't functioning properly.  It took a little longer to think when a response was required of me in a conversation and people were starting to wonder if I had taken up drinking before 10am!  In my opinion I have gone as far as I can go but I do appreciate finding out that a little bit of sugar in my life is just fine and if I carry a few extra pounds because of it... well, at least I can carry on a conversation again now.

I hope you've all had a great weekend!

E x

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